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The Nutriclair brand develops a range of processing and lightening products that do not contain hydroquinone or other hazardous substances.
Ever more elaborate, Nutriclair formulas are based on extracts of plants with lightening properties.
Increasingly, modern cosmetology is looking at improving the quality of dark skin care products.
This quality depends on two essential criteria that must be found together in each product offered to the consumer: efficacy combined with safety (no side effects).
The basic idea of the new Nutriclair range is to combine, in each of its presentations, two active ingredients never before used together:
Nutriclairglycerin, an excellent moisturizer and softener of the skin, but also a remarkable vehicle driving our lightening principle, vegeclairine, to the basal layers of the skin, where we can act most effectively on melanin.
Nutriclairvegeclairine , a herbal extract that is perfectly safe and remarkably effective from the moment it penetrates deep into the derm. Thanks to its flavonoids extracted from selected plants:
It acts on pimples, acne and small scars.
It naturally inhibits the formation of melanin.
It preserves the youthfulness of the skin by a free anti-radical action.

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