The Nutriclair brand develops a range of treating and lightening products that do not contain hydroquinone or other hazardous substances.
Ever more elaborate, Nutriclair formulas are based on plant extracts with lightening properties.
Increasingly, modern cosmetology is looking at improving the quality of dark skin care products.
This quality goes through two essential criteria that must be found together in each product offered to the consumer: Efficacy combined with safety (absence of side effects).
The basic idea of the new Nutriclair range is to combine, in each of its presentations, two active ingredients never before used together:
Nutriclair glycerin, an excellent moisturizer and softener of the skin, but also a remarkable vehicle leading our lightening principle, vegeclairin, to the basal layers of the skin, where we can act most effectively on melanin.
Nutriclairin, a lightening plant extract of perfect safety, and remarkable effectiveness from the moment it penetrates deep into the dermis. Thanks to its flavonoids extracted from selected plants:
It acts on pimples, acne and small scars.
It naturally slows down the formation of melanin.
It preserves the youth of the skin by an anti-free radical action.
Nutriclair face and body range - Nutriclair Nutripouss hair range - Nutriclair nutri'kids baby range
Our brands (distribution):
1 - Klaris de Suisse is a cosmetic range developed and manufactured by a leading Swiss laboratory, in collaboration with COSMEBEL SPRL, both experienced in the requirements of products specially designed for dark skin.
Klaris from Switzerland has developed formulas from the latest developments in the treatment of skin pigment imperfections.
This very complete line makes it possible to target, with total safety, the gentle lightening of dark skin, brown spots, freckles, it also prevents photo-aging of the skin and has an interesting anti-inflammatory action.
The objective of Klaris de Suisse is to:
- Reduce hyperpigmentation and even out the uneven complexion of skin with darker spots.
- Prevent aging and skin damage caused by solar radiation and oxidative stress.
- Promote hydration.
2 - Ametis cosmetics, a French brand of ethical and natural care dedicated to black beauty
10 years of dermatological expertise at the service of mixed and black skin
For these cosmopolitan city dwellers, beauty rhymes with pleasure and sharing.
Presented as so many steps in a beauty ritual, the AMETIS line offers matte to dark skin a unique expertise based on radiance, balance, hydration and repair for immediate well-being.
The AMETIS line covers all the specific needs of mixed and black skin, whether oily, mixed or dry.
The selected assets are not only recognized for their millennial virtues in the beauty of women; these natural components, 100% vegetable, are combined according to their properties in order to optimize the effectiveness of each treatment. The plant complexes thus obtained are the subject of patents.
Not tested on animals, each product has been subject to rigorous control ensuring its safety.