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The Nutriclair brand has developed a range of face and body care products that are lightening and treating, without hydroquinone or other potentially harmful substances. Nutriclair's formulas are based on lightening plant extracts, in response to the growing trend in modern cosmetology to focus on quality care products for dark skin. Nutriclair products stand out for their combination of efficacy and harmlessness, with the use of two specific active ingredients: Nutriclair glycerin, an excellent skin moisturizer and softener that helps transport vegeclairin to the deep layers of the skin, and Nutriclair vegeclairin, a safe and effective lightening plant extract. Nutriclair vegeclairine can act on pimples, acne and small scars, naturally slow down the formation of melanin and preserve the youthfulness of the skin thanks to its antioxidant action. In addition to the face and body range, Nutriclair also offers hair and baby products.

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